Why Retargeting Is The Future

In the simplest of terms, website ad retargeting is a strategy used by website owners to track visitors to their websites so that they can follow them and display customised ads to them as they visit other sites across the web.


This is achieved by placing a line of code usually in the header or footer of a website, then when people visit your site, this code will place a cookie in their browsers. In essence, this code creates a growing list of the people who arrive at your website, people who have shown interest in your products or services. It would be a shame if they leave your site without making a purchase or requesting more information. This is where retargeting comes into play – to make sure that these interested visitors return to your website (think of like an email list). What retargeting does is follow these visitors and show them your ads as they browse other sites.


Reasons Why You Should Definitely Get Involved With Ad Retargeting


1. Website Ad retargeting keeps your business in front of your target audience long after they leave your website. As they browse other sites, ads promoting your business or products will be displayed to them. What this accomplishes is build and grow your brand. Your audience will grow accustomed to your business. This also means repeat traffic to your website. A person who hasn’t bought a product from you the first time he or she visited your website will probably purchase something during the second or third visit. All these are possible because of retargeting. It makes sure that your most targeted customers return to your website.


2. Ad retargeting is customizable. When set up correctly, tracking codes on your site allow you track the behaviour of visitors using metrics like how long they’ve stayed on a page and which page they’ve visited. This is immensely valuable to marketers because it helps us gauge how far along the buying process these visitors are, and show the appriate ads to them. For example, someone who’s only just visted your home page might need to see some more blog posts or videos before they’re ready to buy, whereas someone who’s already spent alot of time on your site could be prompted to visit the sales page directly. Like email, retargeting allows you to customize your message based on your visitors behaviour.


3.Ad Retargeting builds brand awareness. It’s a very effective branding strategy because it maintains the presence of your business in most of the sites that your target audience visits. Branding is about inculcating in people’s minds that your business and its products are superior to the others. It’s done by exposing your brand to people repeatedly. It’s the technique that big companies use to make sure that people prefer their products over their competitors. With retargeting, you are doing the same thing, albeit in a more subtle way.


4. Retargeting improves your site’s conversion rates. This is because of the simple point that retargeting brings back more people to your website. The beauty of this is that the people being brought back are people who have previously shown interest in your products or services. That said, they are more likely to purchase something. This explains the higher than average conversion rate. It arises from the right branding and repeated exposure that retargeting generates.


5. Website retargeting is not too hard to implement. Even if you are not savvy enough to run a retargeting campaign yourself, there are a lot of marketing companies out there that can help you out at very affordable prices. If you hire a good company, you will surely get a good return on investment.
Website retargeting is a very efficient and affordable marketing strategy that can substantially increase your customers, grow your brand and increase your conversion rates. You have a lot to gain with a minimal investment.


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